Details: Oops

I forgot to share my embarrassing mommy moment from Sunday night! We went to an ice castle and then brought the kids to McDonalds to eat. My 2 year old was looking around while she was eating and spotted a little African American boy behind us sitting in a highchair, about the same age as her. All the sudden she says very loudly, “Look, him have a chocolate face!” Let’s just say, we packed up and moved out lol. She didn’t mean anything by it, but that didn’t help the embarrassment.

(Also, might be my fault.. she has two Lego bunnies, a white one and a brown one, and I always call them white bunny and chocolate bunny.)


My 5 year old came up with a great idea. 

He said that superheroes should run for president because then everybody would vote for them instead, and they could save people.

That is what is wrong with the nation. Iron Man is not the president.


Happy Birthday to me.

Getting old bites.

Pronunciation Error

A few days ago we were eating dinner at my parents house and my 2 1/2 year old started freaking out about seeing a ghost outside. She was really seeing a clock in the living room reflecting onto the kitchen window. We told her it was a reflection and blah blah, she wasn’t scared anymore.

Tonight we went over there again. She was sitting at the table and out of nowhere, says, “Nana, I see your erection in the window!”


A must-read. Very short.


Bras: Those things that girls put over their boobies.

(As defined by a 5 year old boy.)

Kids Say the Darndest Things

My kid  is full of it today. He definitely isn’t afraid to say what is on his mind. 

He was asking about something his dad ordered me from Bath & Body Works for my birthday, so I was telling him that I am getting a special lotion for stress too that is supposed to be calming. He said “Oh good, so you mean when you turn into Hulk-mom I can just squirt it on you and you will calm down?”

Hulk-mom. Really? Apparently I turn into Hulk when I am mad.

And this morning he was playing on my computer before school and flipping through old pictures. He pulled up some pictures of me from around 2006-7 when I was in college, and he says “Is that you? You were pretty.” I was like “I WAS pretty? I’m not pretty now?” Kid looks right at me and says “No.” I was like “Well kid, that’s what being a mom did to me. Now I don’t even have time to shower, let alone do my hair and put make-up on most days.” 

Then, I was just geometry homework with him and he had to make up his own rule to sort out 3D shapes, so I was trying to help him come up with one. He just wanted to randomly glue them, so I helped him sort them in a way that I thought made sense and I showed him what I did. Then I asked him “If your teacher asks you what your rule is, what are you going to tell her?” He says, “I’m just going to tell her that mommy wouldn’t let me make my own rule.” Little brat, he got me again today.

Have I mentioned his is only 5?

He is lucky I love him.

100% Accuracy.

100% Accuracy.